Man recreates foiled robbery

Mr Ziglings during the re-enactment. Source: Channel 9.

Nick Ziglings has been dubbed a hero after he singlehandedly stopped an arm robbery at a 7-Eleven.

Mr Ziglings, a Melbourne local, recounted to Channel 9 recently how he was able to foil the attack.

He reportedly “rushed up to the woman, threw her against the front counter and managed to wrestle the gun off her and toss it away”.

He then his apparent MMA skills to tackle the would-be robber to the ground.

Victoria Police released a statement regarding the incident:”The incident took place at a convenience store on Victoria Avenue when a woman entered the store wearing a motorcycle helmet and allegedly carrying a black imitation handgun just after 3.30pm,”.

The woman threatened the attendant and demanded he hand over money from the till.

“A 57-year-old Albert Park man, who was in the store at the time of the incident, tackled the woman, knocking the firearm from her hand and restraining her until police arrived.

“Detectives from the Port Phillip Crime Investigation Unit have charged a 35-year-old Mildura woman with attempted armed robbery, aggravated burglary and associated firearm offences.

“She was remanded in custody to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Sunday 14 July.”

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