Maxibon Waffle On drive-through to pop up in Melbourne

To celebrate the launch of the new Maxibon Waffle On, Maxibon is launching its first ever Maxibon Waffle On drive-through.

For one weekend only, Maxibon is taking over the Saul’s Sandwiches drive-through site on Kings Way in South Melbourne, replacing regular sandwiches for Maxibon sandwiches.

Popping up for a strictly limited time from 12-14 August, Maxibon lovers will be able to get their hands on the new Waffle On (for free) along with exclusive Maxibon merch.

Maxibon Waffle On was released in July and is a first for the brand, which sees the iconic biscuit end of the ice cream sandwich transformed into two big golden, mouth-watering, sugar-dusted waffles. The other end features caramel white chocolate packed with hazelnuts and cookie crumbs. Jammed in between is Maxibon’s signature sweet vanilla slab, full of caramelised sugar pieces.

Maxibon Waffle On is now available in all major supermarkets and convenience stores, RRP $4.50 as a single serve, RRP $9 as a multipack.

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