Maximus latest release The Big O to interrupt sports drinks category

Sydney-based design agency, Saltmine Design Group, has announced a new product launch for Frucor Beverages, under the banner of its Maximus brand.

The Maximus brand, created by Frucor in conjunction with Saltmine Design Group, launched in 2013 and was quick to shake up the Australian isotonic sports drink category, which was previously dominated by two brands with 98 per cent market share.

Maximus The Big O

When Maximus saw an opportunity to interrupt the category with a new variant ‘The Big O’, in keeping with the wit of the Maximus brand, Saltmine was briefed to create a new visual identity for the offering.

The new product has 20 per cent orange juice, which speaks to the morning occasion, and according to Saltmine and Frucor, is the only sports drink on the market made with juice.

The new visual identity needed to ensure ‘The Big O’ fits within the current core range, yet highlights the unique product attribute, 20 per cent orange juice.

With this in mind, Saltmine’s pack design remains consistent with the master brand’s visual identity, while highlighting the real juice content by including orange peel texture on pack and a clear on-pack claim.

To support ‘The Big O’ launch during October and November, Saltmine has created point-of-sale materials, an out of home campaign and a consumer promotion that continues to support the overall strategy of ‘Go Big’.

Speaking about the new Maximus ‘The Big O’, Frucor Beverages marketing manager, Andrew Fenwick, said: “The new visual identity, OOH campaign and consumer promotion developed by Saltmine, gives us a solid platform to launch this new product to the range. We’re excited to see the sales results in a couple of months.”

Maximus ‘The Big O’ is now available in P&C and route stores nationally.

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