Menulog assists impacted Deliveroo couriers and customers

Following Deliveroo’s shock exit from Australia last week, Menulog has stepped in saying it will honour customers with unused Deliveroo vouchers, gift cards, and account credits.

Morten Belling, Managing Director, Menulog, has said that Menulog will also work to assist the thousands of couriers who have found themselves out of work.

Couriers who have had their earnings impacted are encouraged to get in touch with Menulog via the hotline email address Impacted restaurant and grocery partners are also encouraged to reach out.

“We know there are couriers out there who will be feeling the impact of this,” said Belling. “We can help couriers to get up and running on the Menulog network as a priority and provide any safety gear that is required, helping them get back to delivering orders and earning an income as quickly as possible.

“We also have opportunities for couriers interested in a position in our employed courier trial in select suburbs of Sydney.

“Thousands of small businesses around Australia are increasingly reliant on the income generated through delivery partners. For any restaurant or grocery partners left without a delivery service, please get in touch and we will work with you to get your deliveries back on track and minimise any downtime.

“We expect there will be a lot of customers with unused Deliveroo vouchers and gift cards, so we would like to give them the opportunity to redeem those vouchers on their next Menulog order,” he said.

For further information on how to redeem Deliveroo vouchers with Menulog, customers should visit the Menulog website.

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