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Milk switch supports local farmers

This week six Ryans IGA stores in regional Victoria will switch to Sungold milk to support local farmers.

The stores – three in Ballarat, and one each in Kyneton, Beaufort and Torquay – will now stock the Warrnambool Cheese & Butter packaged milk in large quantities.

Ryans IGA general manager, Ben Ryan, said that following the dramatic drop in farm gate milk prices his team reviewed their milk offering.

“We looked at what was going to be best for our local farmers in regards to getting them the best price …” Mr Ryan said.

“In the end switching to Warrnambool was a no-brainer.”

A win for all

Mr Ryan said his stores’ commitment to supporting local farmers is a win for all.

About 90 per cent of all milk stocked in these stores will be Sungold, which is well known in the south western district of Victoria. This is expected to result in sales of an additional 1 million litres of milk produced by local farmers.

“Money going back into the region not only supports farmers but associated industries. In total there are 35 dairy farmers that will benefit from IGA’s decision to switch to milk produced locally,” Mr Ryan said.

“It is also a win for our consumers. With efficiencies in Warrnambool’s supply chain, Sungold milk gets to our stores quicker so it is fresher with a longer best before date”.

Mr Ryan said the stores were committing long-term to Sungold and he hoped other stores would also follow their lead.

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