Milo campaign to make waves

A new campaign by Milo is encouraging Australians to share their Milo moments and special occasions they’ve shared with Milo over the last 83 years.

The campaign is asking for contributions from all generations of Australians, using the hashtag #itsgottabeMILO across all social media platforms.

So far there has been three notable moment themes that have started to emerge:

  • Nostalgia
  • Sport
  • Family life

Milo brand manager Joel Willis said: “The #itsgottabeMILO campaign is all about celebrating the moments in life when Milo is enjoyed.”

“Our 83-year heritage means we have been a big part in most Australian’s lives and this campaign wants to seek out Milo moments past and present,” he said.

“Convenience stores are a key part of our retail strategy as we want every family to have Milo readily available and close by them when they need to refuel! We know there has been many a mad dash to the closest servo when the tin is running low and thirsty kids are returning from weekend sport or after school!

“Milo is ranged in all major convenience retailers, including 7-Eleven, Coles Express, Woolworths Petrol, Caltex and BP.”


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