M&M’s new cake and coffee based flavour

Mars Wrigley has launched a new M&M’s flavour, Mocha Mudcake, which was created at its new Ballarat Innovation Hub.

The new treat features a mocha mudcake flavoured centre, covered in milk chocolate and housed in M&M’s iconic crisp shell.

Ben Hill, Marketing Director at Mars Wrigley’s, said consumers are increasingly looking for innovation beyond just flavour, with texture becoming an increasing focal point to enhance the eating experience.

“As a company, we’ve been investing into the growth and development of our Bitesize portfolio over the last few years, focusing on consumer-led innovation, and we’re now at a really exciting stage as we’re starting to see the products land on shelves across the country.”

Mars Wrigley recently announced a $28.8 million investment into its Ballarat operations to bolster local innovation and manufacturing capabilities.

The new Mocha Mudcake flavour is said to tap into Australian’s love for indulgence by combining our affection for coffee, chocolate, and cake into one bitesize treat.

M&M’s Mocha Mudcake is available nationwide for RRP $5.50.

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