Mondelez International renews global strategic partnership with Facebook

Mondelez International has renewed its global strategic partnership with Facebook as it looks to create more mobile-first initiatives.

The new agreement covers 52 countries, including Brazil, France, India, Indonesia, the UK, the US and the Gulf States.

“Mobile is the most profound disruption we’ve ever seen in business,” said Bonin Bough, chief media and e-commerce officer at Mondelez International.

“People are living their lives on mobile. It’s changed the way we discover experience and share. It’s also changing the advertising industry, and messaging will have an even greater impact on how brands engage with consumers than social media has. Continuing to invest in a large-scale media partnership with Facebook will help us connect our brands with our consumers while fueling growth.”

Mondelez International is also an early partner of Facebook’s newly announced Audience Insights API, a way for brands to understand and leverage information about their consumers to create targeted marketing campaigns, using the program for Cadbury’s latest brand campaign in the UK.

“Our Cadbury ‘Taste like Joy Feels’ campaign has demonstrated that scaled, personalised, mobile-first advertising creative is incredibly impactful,” said Gerry D’Angelo, media director Europe at Mondelez International.

On messaging, Mondelez International and Facebook will work together to experiment on the Messenger platform, including the newly launched ‘bots’ for Messenger platform. The objective is to pilot ways for consumers to interact in real-time with Mondelez International brands and consumer services globally through the power of Messenger threads.

Earlier this month Mondelez launched a new marketing model that it said will allow the company to improve the return on investment of its global media spending.

Dubbed the ‘fearless marketing’ model, Mondelez International said it will focus on new media partnerships to acquire, develop and distribute content properties that will generate revenue and build its ‘power brands’, which commanded more than 80 per cent of the company’s marketing support in 2015.

Mondelez International is set to focus on more branded content through media partnerships with publications such as BuzzFeed.

The goal is for up to 10 per cent of the company’s global media investments to break even or turn a profit by 2020.

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