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Monster Energy launches Superfuel sports drink

Monster Energy is branching out of the energy drinks space with the launch of Superfuel, a “hard-charging sports fuel drink”.

Described as being “ideal for pre-workout power, a mid-session sip or a post workout pick me up,” Superfuel is a non-carbonated, lightly sweetened beverage packed with electrolytes, B3 and B6 vitamins.

Monster Energy Vice President and General Manager Oceania, Sami Thiele, says Superfuel contains the health benefits of a sports drink, with just enough “Monster magic” to get you fired up.

“We know consumers are looking for new beverages with functional benefits,” he says.

“By combining our popular Monster Energt blend with the benefits of electrolytes and key vitamins, we have created a unique beverage blend to fuel our consumers to charge harder for longer.”

Superfuel is available in four flavours including, Purple Passion, Blue Ice, Tropical Thunder and sugar-free, Zero Sugar Fantasy Fruit.

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