Moondarra Cheese range arrives at Metcash

Moondarra is an indigenous Koori word and the name of a rich, lush pastoral region of Gippsland (Australia). The Moondarra region renowned for the quality and variety of its dairy products. And like its namesake, Moondarra Cheese is also widely acclaimed for the high quality, innovative and unique range of flavoured cheese.

Quite simply, the freshest ingredients combined with Moondarra’s unique processing method, makes Moondarra flavoured cheese the best you’ll ever taste. Moondarra Cheese is vacuum sealed to maintain freshness with easy peel opening, and is available locally as well as being exported globally to destinations such as Japan, USA, Sooth East Asia, Korea and Russia.

From 1 August 2015, Moondarra Cheese will be available to the Australian convenience industry through Metcash Warehouse. The recommended retail price for Moondarra Cheese’s Cream Cheese range is $2.79 and the Cheddar range is $3.49, both come in 120g packs with a minimum shelf life of eight months from production.

Moondarra Cheese range
Moondarra Club flavours (Chilli,Balsamic Vinegar & Onion, Lime & Cracked Pepper, and Classic) are available in 120g packs RRP $3.49. The Cream Cheese range includes Garlic & Chives, Apricot & Almond, Homey & Pistachio, Cranberry & Macadamia, Bruschetta and Sweet Chilli, RRP $2.79. Moondarra Cheese is available from Metcash from 1 August 2015.


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