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Capture  Today’s mobile phone accessory consumer is more demanding, time-starved, informed and choice saturated than ever before. In the world of technology, new products are being released everyday. To endure, a brand must build value by creating a strong bond with its customers.

What does this mean for walkntalk – It’s time for a change.

In an Impulse market you have a very short window to grab a customers attention and guide them towards what they need. The new modern packaging on walkntalk products communicates with the consumer in a simplistic way, using colour and everyday language to make it as easy as possible for them to find what they need.


Each package has an eye catching colour foil which along with the POS corresponds to the connector type of that product allowing the consumer to easily identify what connector they require.

Along with highlighting the key selling points of each product the New Packaging also contains what models of phones they are compatible with and via easy instructions informs the consumer of what amperage best works with tablets or their smartphone.

It’s not just the packaging that has changed…. The Product has changed too….

The new Walk n Talk products are Innovative, Compact and Sleek in design bringing new vibrant colours into the range to really make the products POP. Adding further to the range is new tougher braided cables, a Car Mobile Phone Holder (stopping you getting caught with the nasty fines), a new high spec 3.4 Amp Car Bullet and new 3.4 Amp stand alone Wall Charger which allows you to speed up the charging time on your smartphone or tablet.


walkntalk has grown by over 30% in 2014/2015 making it the 5th straight year it has had above double digit growth. It is already Australia’s #1 Mobile Phone Accessory brand and now……. it just got better.

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