More than $40k worth of prizes given away at the C&I NZ Expo

A new addition to the C&I New Zealand Expo this year was the Great Retailer Pallet Giveaway where one lucky attendee walked away with a pallet of stock valued at more than $20,000.

The pallet giveaway was supported by more than 34 suppliers and included a wide range of products from beverages to snackfoods, packaging, ice cream and more, which is going to be a welcome addition to the shelves of the lucky winners in the lead up to the busy Christmas trading season.

Safa de Valois, Group Publisher and Commercial Director of C&I Media said that the Great Retailer Pallet Giveaway had created a huge level of excitement at the C&I Expo and that he hopes it will become a permanent addition to the show.

Diane Holmes of Lakeside On The Spot in Te Anau on the South Island was the lucky winner, and although she wasn’t there for the draw, we gave her a call to let her know and she was absolutely thrilled.

“It’s just so exciting. We’re from a small tourist town on the South Island and Covid just ruined us,” Holmes told C&I. “Trying to find money for stock has been such a challenge as all of our money has gone into keeping staff, so we are just so thrilled.

“We really are over the moon. This stock is going to be such a great help to us coming into Christmas. We’ll have to have a big staff party to celebrate because our staff has been so wonderful and stuck with us through the last few years.”

C&I’s de Valois was delighted to give Holmes the news, and her reaction brought a tear to the eye of the whole C&I team, who were delighted for the prize to go to such a wonderful person.

“We’d like to thank all of the sponsors who have supported the C&I NZ Expo and donated to the Great Retailer Pallet Giveaway, valued at more than $20,000,” said de Valois.

“We have had such a great response to this giveaway from attending retailers and can’t wait to do it again at the next C&I Expo.

“A big congratulations to Diane Holmes of Lakeside On The Spot Te Anau who was the winner of the $20,000 worth of stock.”

Another major giveaway at the C&I NZ Expo was from Pump TV, which gave one lucky attendee a prize of $20,000 worth of digital hardware for their petrol station forecourt.

Lewis Preston from NPD Retail was the lucky winner who walked away with the Pump TV prize.

Vern Brickman, Principle of Pump TV, congratulated Preston and provided some wonderful feedback about the C&I NZ Expo.

“On behalf of Pump TV, we’d like to congratulate Lewis for being drawn for this exciting digital prize and we offer all back end support to ensure that his journey into the digital age will be a smooth one,” said Brickman.

“This has been the most successful expo that we’ve been involved in for the last 10 years all over the world. We have found that the New Zealand business associations are very savvy and have adopted the digital footprint from a nice to have to a need to have. We expect to see huge growth here in New Zealand and we look forward to a new chapter with New Zealand being one of our most exciting markets.”

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