Bliss Bites provide on-trend snack for convenience

In response to increasing consumer demand for healthy and tasty snacks on the go, Mrs Higgins has created a new range of all natural Bliss Bites.

Bliss Bites are an all natural raw energy treat for health conscious consumers looking for a treat without ‘nasties’ such as salt, sugar and chocolate.

In small round wholesome balls of 15 grams each, Bliss Balls are made from all natural ingredients and are certified gluten free and dairy free and do not have any added sugar.

Bliss Bites are available in two flavours: Cranberry and Cashew and Choc Hit with Organic Cacao Nibs, with each under 800kj per pack.

Bliss Bites are made in New Zealand and exclusive to The Distributors.

To order, visit or call 1800 989 022.


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