Mrs Mac’s to cut jobs

Mrs Mac’s is reportedly handing out redundancies to employees in the packing department in Morely.

The manufacturer announced it has invested in new automation equipment for packing, making it the first WA food manufacturer to do so.

Chief executive Paul Slaughter said: “Regrettably, redundancies are anticipated in our packing departments as a result of this investment”.

Mr Slaughter said: “In line with our core values, we are making this announcement and commencing a consultation process with employees as early as possible”.

“At this stage, no decisions have been made on specific redundancies.

“We are strongly committed to providing employees with redeployment and re-training options, which will form a key element of the consultation process to meet our goal of 100 per cent re-employment of all employees who may be impacted.

“This investment enables Mrs Mac’s to be competitive in the national and international markets, retains the business in Western Australia, and safeguards a significant number of jobs for West Australians both directly and indirectly.”

The new equipment is set to be fully operational by early 2020.

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