Musashi’s new mega-tasty protein bar launch

Musashi has launched its new Shred and Burn bars into market, now
available in petrol and convenience outlets and at Woolworths and Chemist
Warehouse outlets around Australia.

Available in two flavours, Hazelnut Espresso and Dark Choc Mint, Musashi
Shred and Burn bars are designed to appeal to on-the-go customers who
are interested in fitness and health nutrition.
According to Musashi, Shred and Burn bars will assist to increase
metabolism and burn excess fat, when combined with the right diet
and exercise.
The bars boast a powerful blend of active ingredients to deliver essential
nutrients and minerals and offer 20 grams of protein to help trigger lean
muscle development and growth during resistance training, whilst aiding
muscle tissue repair and post exercise recovery.

For consumers wishing to facilitate weight loss, each bar is packed with
840mg of garcinia extract (which has been shown to be associated with
weight loss) and 100mg of L-Carnitine per serve.

Musashi Shred and Burn bars offer scientifically supported body and
fitness benefits – without unnecessary extra ingredients.
Keep your fitness customers coming back to your store with Musashi
Shred and Burn bars.

For any orders or enquiries on Musashi please contact Vitaco Health
Australia Customer Service on 1300 360 077.

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