Naked Life disrupts non-alcoholic market with two new category ranges

Since launching in the summer of 2016/17, Naked Life has been synonymous with holistic health and innovation. Now the company is looking to disrupt the Australian market with the launch of two new category ranges; non-alcoholic RTD beverages and sugar-free iced tea.

Extensive market research has found a growing demand in Australia for non-alcoholic alternatives, with the industry predicted to be worth more than $43 billion by 2025.

David Andrew, Founder and CEO of Naked Life said the non-alcoholic RTD and sugar-free iced tea, mark the latest in a series of successful, health conscious products developed under the brand’s ‘no nasties’ ethos.

“There has been a significant lift in demand for health-centric products that deliver on taste in 2020 as people understand products like Naked Life can deliver on both,” he said.

The non-alcohol RTD series combines a distinct blend of distilled botanicals with zero sugar or preservatives allowing consumers to experience classic social flavours such as margarita, virgin G&T, yuzu sake and a Pimms-inspired ‘English garden’ spritzer, without the alcohol.

The non-alcoholic beverages launched in December and are available through Coles Local, Drakes Supermarkets, On the Run, select Woolworths stores and leading independent outlets.

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