Name change for iconic chocolate following consumer pressure

Crowd-favourite chocolate Maltesers is changing the spelling of its brand to ‘Malteasers’, in a move Mars Wrigley put down to consumer pressure.

Michelle Gazzolo, Bitesize Portfolio Director at Mars Wrigley, said they’ve had questions about the spelling of the brand since its inception in 1937.

“It’s long been a sticking point for our consumers, and we receive enquiries about the spelling of the name every day on social media and through our consumer care channels.

“However, we had a real ‘Ah-ha’ moment late last year when comedic duo Hamish & Andy took us to task over the spelling of the brand. We were bombarded by their followers petitioning for the name to be changed, and so we’ve taken the feedback on board and are today unveiling our new rebrand -Malteasers – the same iconic chocolate with a crispy malt centre, just with brand new spelling.”

The newly branded Malteasers are currently being rolled out across the country.

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