National fuel strike

Up to 100,000 Australians have vowed to boycott petrol stations during October, as they are fed up with paying high prices for petrol.

As petrol has reached new high prices, up to $1.62 per litre, over 60,000 motorists have stated their interest in a Facebook event that suggests a petrol station boycott.

Event organiser Sabrina Lamont started the strike to highlight how rising petrol costs had forced her to give up a job teaching in the Queensland outback.

“We will do this every month until we are listened to and prices come down and stay that way,” Ms Lamont said to New Regional Media.

“The government must reduce tax on fuel — it’s theft and greed. It’s sad to see so many people hurting,” she said.

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said: “The question from us is, will it have any impact or will it just shift business from the day before or to the day after”.

“I understand the public’s desire to want to change something but the challenge we face in Australia is the factor that’s made petrol prices the highest they’ve been in 4.5 years are largely global,” Mr Khoury said.

“Often you’ll find petrol stations a few kilometres apart with a gap of around 30 cents a litre, that’s huge. That’s the real way to make a dent in petrol prices — by taking your money to cheaper stations.”

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) spokeswoman Lucinda Ross said: “It’s completely understandable that drivers are frustrated by the high fuel prices we’ve seen in recent months, and while one-off stunts like this may give motorists a feeling of empowerment, unfortunately, they’re unlikely to make a difference in the long-term”.

“We see many motorists continuing to buy from the most convenient site, often just because it’s on the way home from work — but these servos could be the ones charging the highest prices,” Ms Ross said.

“If you’re in the south-east, the best thing you can do to drive down prices is to avoid buying fuel at the top of the cycle — and regardless of where you are across the state, do your research and only ever buy from the cheapest servo in your area.”


4 thoughts on “National fuel strike”

  1. Russell Chamberlain

    A fuel strike is a completely pointless exercise, as the fuel companies know that you’ll eventually have to fill up. So, any strike by the public will have little to no impact and will be treated as an inconvenient blip by the retailers.

    However, petrol station in store sales (food, beverages, ice etc) account for huge revenues to these companies and are an area that could have a massive impact if the consumer was to boycott ‘all’ petrol station in store purchases indefinitely. If sustained for long enough, this would have a massive impact and the ripple effect would do its work.

    Petrol station retailers and their suppliers would then start complaining, resulting in them opting to take action io there own, with the message and financial pain eventually making its way up to those that it needs to.

  2. The fuel strike is a good idea but wont be effective. The really effective way is to boycott a nominated oil company, eg. BP until they bring their prices down for as long as it takes, then the other oil companies will follow. This will really effect the nominated petrol outlet

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