Nearly half of Aussies prefer shopping online

A study of over 1000 Australian consumers has found that 47 per cent prefer e-commerce retail to bricks-and-mortar shopping.

The study by Emarsys revealed that Facebook is the platform most Australian’s are shopping from at 36 per cent, followed by Instagram and TikTok at 30 and 23 per cent respectively.

Joanna Milliken, CEO of Emarsys, said today’s consumers are far from being constrained to physical stores – they can shop from anywhere.

“Consumers are more confident than ever in navigating the ecommerce world, and they’re evolving as a result of the options available to them.

“Brands need to be able to meet them with engaging, personalised interactions, wherever and whenever they choose to shop. Without the 360-degree view of a customer that comes from centralising your customer data, and using that to inform engagement across every channel, it’s extremely difficult to truly get to know customers as individuals.”

Also brought to light in the study were the top locations for shopping, with 62 per cent of those surveyed saying they shop in bed, 53 per cent on holiday, and 41 per cent at the dinner table.

Kristyn Wallace, Vice President APJ at Emarsys, said Australians’ relationships with e-commerce is evolving and we are starting to see social media platforms play a larger part in the e-commerce space amongst Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and even Baby Boomers.

“Brands that are offering one type of digital experience to Aussies are only just meeting consumer expectations these days. Marketers need to realise that only having one platform of e-commerce isn’t meeting customers where they want to be met.

“Marketers need to invest in the full omnichannel approach, that not only amplifies the customer experience but gives customers several platforms to choose from. Consumers aren’t picky with their online preferences, but they are persuaded by the brands making their presence known on specific social media platforms.”

Wallace said to match pace and keep a competitive edge in a globally connected retail world, brands need to offer multiple touchpoints to remain one step ahead.

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