Nestlé Australia busts KitKat recipe myths

Nestlé Australia has busted the myth that the recipe will change like the UK KitKat.

If you are worried that Australia’s KitKat recipe is going to change like the one in the UK, rest assured it’s not.

The recipe has been unchanged since 1942 but Nestlé UK and Ireland announced yesterday that in a bid to reduce the sugar content of KitKats by 10% across the range, the cocoa content in each is being upped by 13%.

Nestlé UK and Ireland CEO Fiona Kendrick said she the first questions that consumers asked were ‘Are you going to make things smaller?’ and ‘Will it taste the same?’.

“I’m pleased to say that these products are the same size as the ones they are replacing and taste just as good,” she said.

Nestlé Oceania corporate and external relations manager Margaret Stuart told C&I Week that she needed to bust a myth- our Australian KitKat is already different to the one made in the UK.

“The changes being made to the UK KitKat include adding more cocoa and milk, while making a small sugar reduction, to make a better-tasting KitKat,” she said.

“It follows a UK-specific announcement that Nestlé would reduce sugar by 10% across its confectionery portfolio through a range of methods, including reformulation.

“In Australia we’ve made changes in many of our product categories to improve their nutritional profile, and in confectionery, to reduce the impact of discretionary food on the overall diet.

“We’ll continue to invest in research into how we can deliver great taste and better nutrition. But there’s no way we would compromise taste to do that – especially in confectionery.”

Due to hit UK shelves next week, the classic four finger KitKat will see calories reduced from 213 to 209 per serve.

The cocoa content has increased by 13% and milk content by 20%. The move will reportedly slash more than 1,000 tonnes of sugar from Nestlé’s UK KitKat manufacturing operations.

Nestlé has committed to reduce added sugars by 5% in all products, across all categories, globally by 2020.

Last year Nestlé Australia released their revolutionary, dual-origin, KitKat Dark to widespread critical acclaim from dark chocolate lovers.



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