Nestle ceases production of Marella Jubes

Nestle has ceased production of Marella Jubes in Australia.

The company stopped selling the fruit gums in June 2018, following a decline in consumer demand.

A spokesperson from Nestle said: “We deleted Marella Jubes in June because demand had dwindled as lolly fans have switched their loyalty to other products in our range”.

“We’ve added a number of new products this year, including an Allen’s chocolate range, two new lollies based on iconic Peter’s ice cream brands, and a new fruit and cream lolly after a vote by lolly lovers,” the spokesperson said.

Nestle various ranges launched this year include a limited edition chocolate block ‘Allen’s inspired by Freckles’, which is available exclusively at Coles, ice cream inspired Frosty Fruits and Drumstick lollies available nationwide and the result of a nationwide vote – ‘Allen’s Fruits and Cream Mix’ which includes fan favourite Blackberry and Cream lolly.

26 thoughts on “Nestle ceases production of Marella Jubes”

  1. I don’t see how there was a decline in sales. I have been buying them in bulk gor many years. I bought them from Big W where they were always running out, from my local IGA where they were always running out, from my local newsagent where they were always running out. I used to buy them for my staff who wouldvest them during thdvsftrrnon ehdn thry needed an energy boost, I had always a packet in my car. My family all love them as well as my staff.
    I don’t see any of your new range moving, I don’t like them at all.
    Please bring back the Marcellas.

  2. I’ve been eating Marbella jubes since the appeared on the shelf and agree totally with Chris We bought them from IGA in bulk also or any other retailer who stocked them. Always the first Allens lollies to disappear from the shelves and the only products from the new range I buy now is the frog family. Please bring them back ASAP.

  3. Have been buying these for years. Another sad state for Nestle. My purchases alone would have kept the range in the “marketable” area for many years to come!!!!!!!!!

  4. We love marabella jubes & are very disappointed we can’t buy them any more. I won’t be buying other sweets, these were the ones we liked

  5. I am devastated to know that I will no longer be able to buy the only sweet I bought regularly.
    There is nothing else on the market close to this product.

  6. I can’t see how the sales haven’t increased Marella Jubes I’ve been buying for 40yrs. Bad move your company have made now I’ll have to buy pascal hard jubes.

  7. Please please please bring back Allen’s Marcella jubes . We miss very hard jubes .
    Can we come to
    Your nestle factory and purchase some lollies cheaper than shops please

  8. Lynda Gilfeather

    Nestle, this was a Big Mistake. Don’t know whom you surveyed, but they were incorrect. My mother would eat no other lolly until her untimely death in 1987, and my husband has been eating them for his entire 70 years, minus the last two obviously, and he’s not happy either. I wondered why I haven’t seen them lately! Please undo this disasterous decision!

  9. My first Marella Jubes were at the movies when I was a child. We would buy them, packaged in a cardboard box, from the in-house candy bar. I have loved them ever since! It is so very disappointing to be unable to get them any more. The substitutes I’ve tried don’t quite measure up. Please restore supply.

  10. I’m really disappointed in not being able to buy Marella jubes. They’re a firm favourite of my son in law in NZ, who was devastated at your decision. He’s now working through the alternatives!

  11. OMG! I have not seen Marella June’s anywhere in Aus since before 2018…and as far as demand goes I find it hard to believe that it had declined. BRING THEM BACK!!!

  12. I am also very disappointed that Marbella Jubes have been discontinued. I have been enjoying them since the sixties when Mum would buy them for me when we went to the movies, they use to come in a box.
    Please reconsider their discontinuation and bring them back!

  13. Rosemarie Costa

    Such a disappointment, no other jibes match nor are they hard. Please bring back the original recipe without change.

  14. I’ve been buying other brands of jubes since removal, but none come close to the flavour…..Can only guess that all the cheaper imported lower quality jubes (like everything else flooding the market) have unfortunately made it uneconomic for Allens to continue production in Oz ..

  15. First had a marella jube when my mate’s mother took us to see Gone with the Wind at the Camberwell Rivoli in about 1964. Too good to axe.

  16. You think Nestle give a hoot about marella jubes? Your cries of sadness fall on deaf ears.

  17. Please bring back Marella jubes. They were a real fruity jube which I and many of my friends used to buy on a regular basis.

  18. Gerard DAUPHIN

    Bring back the Marella jubes, I had never seen a decline.

    When working in Asia for many years prior to returning to AUS, my mum would send me packets of the Marella Jubes every year on my birthday, because she knew I would love them.
    Then when back to AUS, continued to consume them.
    There was no decline in the consumption.

  19. These were my favourite jubes forever & the excuse from Nestle just doesn’t stack up. Retailers do not agree that a decline in sales was the reason to discontinue so will Nestle give us the truth please.

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