Nestle releases Dark KitKat and Milkybar with cookies

Following the release of the new Allen’s Lollies Frog Family  Nestle has released two other new products into the range; KitKat Dark and Milkybar with cookies.

According to Nielsen MAT, the original KitKat bar is currently number 1 in the impulse sector, paving the way for similar success with the launch of KitKat Dark bar in 45g servings.

Following the success of the KitKat block last year, Nestle are excited to extend this success, by bringing the Dark KitKat into the smaller serving sizes.

The new Milkybar product has also been introduced off the back of the success of the Milkybar® Cookies block, that was launched in 2010 and continues to be the highest performing white chocolate flavour in the category.

According to Nielsen Homescan, MAT 09/09/2017, more than 250,000 Australian households enjoy the Milkybar® Cookies block.

Nestle said: “After the success of the share bar (80g) Nestle wanted to offer its consumer an even more accessible format and launched in September Milkybar® Baked Cookies medium bar: a delicious treat perfect for on the go!”


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