Nestlé tops coffee sustainability rankings

Nestlé has ranked first in coffee sustainability in the new 2023 Coffee Brew Index published in the Coffee Barometer report.

The report aims to increase understanding of the scale, depth, and complexity of the main sustainability discussions, by weighing the evidence, debunking rhetoric, and revealing what is going on at the sector level.

It recognised that Nestlé has a cohesive and comprehensive coffee sustainability strategy and that its policies, objectives, and actions incorporate social, environmental, and economic dimensions of coffee production.

David Rennie, Head of Coffee Brands at Nestlé, said it is recognition for their long-term commitment to coffee sustainability.

“Through our flagship programs, the Nescafé Plan and the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ program, we are working every day with coffee farmers to help ensure that the farming and production of coffee is sustainable and socially and economically inclusive. We are committed to continuously progress and bring new approaches to sustainable coffee farming.”

The report said that Nestlé emerged as the industry leader in the realm of coffee sustainability strategy development, goal setting, investments, and reporting.

“The company distinguishes itself by its cohesive and comprehensive coffee sustainability framework, complete with specific policies and objectives that take into account the social, environmental, and economic facets of coffee production,” stated the report.

The 2023 Coffee Brew Index is supported by Solidaridad and Conservation International, coordinated by Ethos Agriculture, and analyses the sustainability strategies of the world’s top 11 roasters.

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