New anti-pathogenic tape delivers easy sanitising


What makes it such a great product/what’s the key selling point?
Safe+Touch is an anti-pathogenic adhesive, a bit similar in form to Contact, which applies to surfaces to provide a barrier against infection. The tape is effective against 99.9% of bacteria and rejuvenates under light. It’s non-toxic and removes easily without leaving residue.
Safe+Touch can be applied to mobile phones, desks, light switches, trolleys …any surface really, to protect against the transmission of bacteria. For example, it has recently been installed on every touchscreen kiosk in all of Korea’s 14 airports.
How many products in the range?
The initial range includes rolls, light switch covers, mobile phone and touchscreen protectors and desk mats.

How many SKUs per product?
Eight SKU currently, with more being developed. However the roll can be cut to size for most surfaces.
What are the pack options?
Three tape length rolls and light switch covers.
What product sizes are available?
Multiple sizes are available.
Varies depending on pack option.
What drove this NPD? 
An increasing awareness of our exposure to communicable bacteria from touching surfaces. It’s estimated 60% of infections are transmitted by hand.
Which customer segment is this product aimed at?

The applications are so broad that Safe+Touch is relevant to all segments.
Will it bring a new customer base into the store?
Yes, because it provides an alternative to cleaning solutions. Safe+Touch has excellent durability and doesn’t require disinfection as it renews under exposure to light, so installing Safe+Touch will eliminate a great deal of ongoing labour and materials expense.
Who is/are the major wholesaler/s?
It’s brand new to market and available directly through VCM, who is our distributor.
Any trade marketing?
We’re focusing on trade promotion through our socials and print advertising for now, with other ATL to follow.

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