New better for you cereal from No Nasties Project

The No Nasties Project has released a new 3.5 health star rated cereal range with 50 per cent less sugar and added B Vitamins and iron.

The new range has an upbeat fun pack design and features three flavours including Cinnamon Donuts, Fruity Loops, and Choc Bombs.

This is the sixth range expansion from The No Nasties Project in the past year and further expansion is planned in icy poles and cookie ranges.

David Andrew, Founder, The No Nasties Project, says the aim is to take on the big guys by providing affordable, lower sugar options within everyday food categories.

“Australians have high consumption of sugar with a typical Australian consuming 14-16 teaspoons of sugar daily, over twice the recommended daily consumption of six teaspoons by The World Health Organisation. At The No Nasties Project, we are on a crusade to provide a healthier option in mainstream sugary categories to help reduce sugar intake across Australia,” he says.

“By buying The No Nasties Project 50 per cent less sugar range you’re supporting our crusade for a lower sugar Australia and for every ton of sugar we remove we invest $100 back to schools and clubs around Australia, including our annual SugarFreezies Icystix Day.”

The No Nasties Project product range is now available at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets.

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