New Community Co label launches at IGA stores

Community Co is a unique, mid-tier private label brand available in IGA stores from December.

The new Community Co range was launched by Metcash Supermarkets today and offers a new private label range of brand quality products at everyday low prices and a contribution from every product sold will be donated to community projects.

CEO Metcash supermarkets and convenience Steven Cain said the Community Co brand was developed the IGA retailer ethos in mind and their commitment and contribution to local communities. The range is anchored in Australian values, and is synonymous with independent retailing. This is evident through all elements of the brand, from product sourcing through to the bespoke packaging designs.

“We have listened to shoppers and with these insights we’ve developed a truly unique range that provides a genuine point of difference for IGA stores. “Community Co will provide better prices for shoppers and also makes a positive contribution to the community.

“We have worked closely with our retailers to develop Community Co and are confident it will be a win for both Australian shoppers and for our retailer partners who will be able to access a greater share of the private label market,” Mr Cain said.

The brand has been developed with ethical sourcing practices in mind. For example, while the majority of bacon in Australian supermarkets is sourced from overseas pork, the Community Co range offers bacon which is made from 100 per cent Australian pork. It also goes that extra step to ensure pigs are Sow Stall Free.

Community Co will launch 100 products within the next six months, the first phase includes Australian bacon, cheese, oats, spreads, oils and bottled water to be released in December.

10 thoughts on “New Community Co label launches at IGA stores”

  1. I just received an email informing me that Community Co products are not halal certified. Thank you for resisting to succumbing to the scam of islamic jizya tax. I will pass this information on to my many friends who will gladly support your product. Best wishes, Chris

  2. I believe IGA stores may be individually certified halal and/ kosher, sadly. I avoid supporting religion when I can but it’s getting increasingly hard these days.

  3. I’m not Muslim or Jewish but I like halal certification and kosher certification because I want to know if animal byproducts are being used in my foods.
    You are what you eat

  4. I bought some salted cashews which were not as good as previous other products I’ve bought. Also I bought laundry powder which did not have a scoop in it. I guess you get what you pay for.

  5. I agree – a good cashew is hard to come by. Maybe you could have toasted them in the oven for extra crunch.
    I keep the scoop from my laundry powder and actively choose brands that don’t supply one. A waste of plastic I think.

    I just want to purchase and support locally grown, made and owned products. Especially for staple items.

  6. Sirajuddin Muhammad

    Selling Halal or kosher is not like supporting any religion rather attracting more customers n more business. Some Islamophobic idiots r mixing business with religion.

  7. Try their pizzas they are fantastic great pastry really nice filling and they taste great much better than other far more expensive brands. Their pizzas have just gone up from $5 to $6.50 which is a bit of a shame but they are still worth it give them a go

  8. Community Co Australia is a great brand that I enjoy supporting.
    However – “Roasted nuts n seeds Muesli – ONLY 32% Australian ingredients? Why? we grow our own rice, sunflower seeds, macadamias, etc… NO need to import anything for a nut and seed muesli. Tastes great, but why add 220 preservative? I will not support a product that imports what Australia can grow. Sadly the search continues for a 100% Australian nut and seed muesli or …. source your ingredients locally.

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