New distributor for Mrs Brunt’s Waffles

Arthur Brunt Quality Grocer has been announced as the new distributor for Mrs Brunt’s Waffles.

They replace Dallas International, who had supported the company for 27 years.

Arthut Brunt, who already handle Mrs Brunt’s shake ‘n bake rage, will take over national distribution of the waffles from July 1. The waffles are fresh, not frozen and are made with fresh eggs, have no preservatives or colours and a long shelf life. The fresh and fluffy waffles come in three flavours: Fresh Egg (vanilla), Chocolate and Cinnamon.

Arthur Brunt will also produce and distribute KRAZY salt products and launch new brands and products.

Arthur Brunt is named after its founder, who started in retail grocery in 1920 before growing he business into a wholesaler. The company has taken Old El Paso and Casa Fiesta products to the national market, in addition to Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce and founding Marveer furniture polish.

The third generation now running the business are also launching two new and exciting products this year: Mrs Brunt’s Lamington Waffles and Mrs Brunt’s Choc Topped Waffles.

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