New fizzy drink, Sorted, is jam-packed with health benefits

Seventy per cent of Australians don’t meet their daily fibre requirements and new better-for-you fizzy drink, Sorted, is here to solve that.

Packed with seven grams of healthy fibre to support good digestion, it’s easy to keep your tummy active and regular when Sorted, with all the fizz and pop of a regular soft drink, tastes so good.

Released by The Good Seed, Sorted is a prebiotic better-for-you beverage that is made using all natural ingredients that are proven to support your gut in the production of good bacteria.

The fizzy drink is made with Acacia Gum, a prebiotic fibre that improves intestinal health, and zero sugar, instead using a protein-based sweetener to avoid any spikes in blood sugar and insulin and ensure no gastrointestinal distress.

Sorted is formulated by food scientists and guided by current microbiome and digestive research, and is able to be enjoyed by everyone, as it is suitable for diabetics, as well as FODMAP, gluten-free, Keto, and vegan diets.

The team behind Sorted is The Good Seed, made up of Ivy Ong and Adrian Soon, who started the company after struggling with strange health concerns that were unable to be treated by modern medicines.

The pair turned to alternative methods, first setting their sights on Kefir, a drink traditionally made by fermenting milk that contains more than 10 times good bacteria than yoghurt. Due to intolerances, they began making water kefir and in 2017 started The Good Seed, selling their hand-brewed bottles of water kefir out of their Honda Jazz.

Fast forward four years, and Ong and Soon have their own purpose-built factory, and have set their sites on a new venture aimed at cultivating good gut health – Sorted.

Sorted is available in three different flavours – Watermelon and Mint, Blood Orange, and Blackcurrant. The RRP is $3.50 and will become available across the P&C channel during 2022.

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  1. I am very interested in trying the drink sorted because of health reasons. I live in Colac Victoria so can you guide me to where l can purchase it please

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