New forecourt technology set to change refuelling

Digital interface technology company Adverto are set to launch a pilot trial of their first touch to order software at selected petrol sites.

The UniFixed and UniTopper models, which can be fitted internally/externally to new and existing pumps, will allow owners to control what is displayed. Including by allowing them to display paid advertising.

Consumers will also be able to order products and food available inside while refuelling.

Other features will include tap payment options, facial analytics, loyalty program barcode scanning and, if desired, the ability to display advertising or local news.

The technology will be rolled out to hand-picked sites over the next two months, including at Shell Baxter in Victoria, as well as corporate company owned sites and independent dealer operated sites.

Wayne Tait, who co-owns the Baxter store said he believes it will enhance the experience for customers.

“Our main customers are tradies and local families, who love our pies and food to go and we have seen our barista coffee starting to grow. To us, moving forward, we wanted to explore digital options where customers can order for themselves and speed things up by removing queues etc,” Mr Tait said.

It has taken Adverto five years in research and development to reach the point of introducing the technology into petrol forecourts. Further sites in NSW and Victoria will begin trialling the technology over the next two months.

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