New GC petrol station offering 99.9c petrol

Picture: Facebook, Kaye Carmichael. Source: GoldCoastBulletin

Huge traffic queues have formed outside a Shell Petrol station in Coomera following its opening day deal.

With most petrol stations in the area selling petrol for 159 cents per litre for unleaded fuel, motorists have been lining up to get petrol from the Coomer station since it started selling at 11am.

Motorists were lining up to ensure that they were able to fill-up on fuel before the 1pm cutoff.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that some motorists had given up waiting and left the queue before getting a chance the cheaper prices.

At 1pm, station representatives walked along the line of queued motorists to alert them that the sale was over.

Traffic congestion occurred around the area as a result of the petrol frenzy.

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