New pork jerky ready to fly off the shelves

Local Legends Pork Jerky is for the everyday legends.

They say that pigs might fly… which is pretty unlikely unless they’re flying off the shelves, that is, in snack form.

This is why Aussie snack foods producer Local Legends has launched an Australian market-first to complement their range: Pork jerky

Best known for its traditional beef jerky products, Local Legends has brought some exotic flair to the new product, which is an Asian-inspired alternative ‘Chinese BBQ’ flavour.

The new pork jerky was designed as a lean, compact on-the-go snack, with 35% natural protein and less than 4% fat.

Local Legends CEO Don Nisbet said he wanted to move the brand away from the stereotype of jerky only being consumed by men, and centre it on the concept of the ‘everyday legend’.

“The meaty morsel is no longer a snack exclusively for truckers and tradies,” he said.

“We have created a fresher, more inclusive product that encourages everyday legends to enjoy excluding no one.

“Compact enough to sit coolly on your desk or slide into your gym bag, our jerky is a snack full of protein without a compromise on flavour.”

Local Legends marketing manager Michael Langtry said pork jerky will also take off as an alternative, long-life protein choice for Asian-style home cooked dishes.

“We were inspired to create this product as an Asian-style protein hit that can be incorporated into home cooking and we can’t wait to see it take off in the consumer market,” he said.

“There’s nothing like it on the market and it’s great to see a supermarket giant like Woolworths pick up another one of Local Legends’ products for distribution.”

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