New QLD law to ban plastic bags

Single use plastic bags will be banned in QLD from July 2018.

The Queensland Government State Parliament passed new laws over the past week to ban single use plastic bags.

Plastic drink containers were also included in the set of new laws as eligible for a 10 cent refund when returned to a designated refund point.

The ban is set to come into effect from July 1 2018.

Queensland Environment Minister Steven Miles said the initiatives will assist in reducing the number of plastic bags and encourage bottles to be recycled.

“By passing this Bill we say to our young people that we value our wildlife, especially our marine creatures like turtles, sea birds and dugongs,” he said.

“We say that we want our parks, our waterways, Moreton Bay and the Great Barrier Reef to be litter free.”

The QLD ban joins states SA, TAS, NT and the ACT who already have plastic bag bans in place.

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