New Shapes flavour a bite-sized take on a pub classic

There’s a new Shapes flavour in the biscuit aisle, and it’s left fans divided.

Condensing the flavours of one of Australia’s favourite pub classics, the newly released Chicken Parmigiana flavour combines the tastes of chicken schnitzel, parmesan cheese, tomato and garlic into bite-sized Australian-shaped biscuits.

But while few fans questioned the flavour, many were divided over how the classic should given the Aussie vernacular word-shortening treatment. Embarking on some online research on this, Arnott’s found 45% of us call the classic dish a Parmi, while 34% say Parma.

The discrepancy may be down to our poor national spelling of the word. Arnott’s found 45% of us spell it wrong, while another 11% won’t even attempt to spell it. Those who did try had some inventive spellings, including Parmigana, Parmegiana and Parmajana.

Arnott’s Marketing Manager, Savoury, Shannon Wright says the Parmi/Parma divide was down to where you lived, and the brand decided to embrace both spellings by including each on the box. Adding she hoped the release brought a taste of the pub meal home to the 26% of Victorians who nominated it as the first dish they’ll order when they can return to the bistro.

“We know Aussies are a nation of pub lovers and it’s been tough not being able to enjoy our favourite pub feeds as often as we’d like the past few months. So we decided to expand our Shapes Aussie Legends range with another one of the tastes Australians love.”

“Shapes means Flavour You Can See, but in this case it also means Flavour You Can Debate. Depending on region the nation is divided on whether you call it a Parmi or Parma. We chose to include both versions on either side of the new Aussie Legends boxes!”

The new flavour is available in supermarkets nationally now and retail for $3.20 per box.

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