New Sunrise and Heart of the Nation host World’s Largest CPR Class

New Sunrise and Heart of the Nation partnered last week to host the World’s Largest CPR Class on Channel 9 to raise awareness for sudden cardiac arrest.

The class, which featured a CPR demonstration by NSW Surf Life Saving, explained the seriousness of sudden cardiac arrests, of which there are over 25,000 annually in Australia with 10 per cent of those not surviving.

Also appearing during the class were numerous public figures such as Layne Beachley, Scott Morrison, and founder of Heart of the Nation and original yellow Wiggle Greg Page.

In April, New Sunrise announced the funding and placement of 400 AED defibrillators across the country. Each AED was signed up to Heart of the Nation to ensure the clear identification of an AED present on site, as well as added to the Heart of the Nation website and app.

Page, whose life was saved using an AED after he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest during a concert performance in 2020, said New Sunrise has been incredibly proactive in assisting in Heart of the Nation’s mission.

“New Sunrise make sure that the community know there is an AED in store, by placing bright yellow signage around their stores (inside and out), attracting peoples’ attention to the fact that there is an AED inside the store.  They ensure that the AED is placed where customers can see it and access it when needed. And they ensure that when it is needed it is rescue-ready by adhering to a very simple and basic maintenance plan.”

Page encouraged others who already own an AED to join their network to help create awareness to the community should it ever be needed.

“It is free to join, and members get to display our Heart of the Nation stickers on the front door or window of their business to let the community know there is an AED inside the premises if it is ever needed.” 

New Sunrise are also helping to raise funds for Heart of the Nation by contributing 10c from every Pump 750ml water bottle sold in October.

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