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New Sunrise inspires positivity through new TVC

New Sunrise’s latest television campaign sees Sunny Sunrise flying the flag for independent stores during these challenging times.

At a time where many petrol and convenience retailers are struggling with reduced foot traffic and decreased demand for fuel, New Sunrise’s new television campaign is working to help inspire positivity.

The campaign encourages customers to ‘Look out for the Sunrise’ and features the group’s loveable mascot, Sunny Sunrise the kookaburra, and a jingle performed by original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page.

Steve Cardinale, Managing Director, New Sunrise, spoke of the need to spread positivity, happiness, and the promise of a new sunrise to consumers that may be feeling flat or down during lockdown.

“It’s a tough time for many small and independently owned businesses in Australia. Sunny Sunrise is uniting local and independent c-stores under a strong brand message that customers will recognise and enjoy. We are flying the flag for the independents and promoting the important part they play in the local community.

“With its catchy jingle, we hope that this new campaign will put a smile on the face of viewers and encourage them to visit Sunrise Enjoy Local stores across the country during this tough time.

“We are open, we are close to home, we are clean, and we are here to support our local communities,” he said.

New Sunrise has increased its above the line media plan to communicate the local services, offers, and choices provided by Sunrise Enjoy Local Stores.

The message throughout the commercial is clear – when you see Sunny Sunrise, you know you are shopping at a ‘true local store’, one that is locally owned and operated, with great customer service and a genuine care for the community.

“We are so excited to communicate a positive and fun message to all customers, to shop at Sunrise Enjoy Local Stores in their local communities and to continue to support locally operated stores.”

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