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New Sunrise MD shares concerns over Vic lockdown

New Sunrise managing director Steve Cardinale has expressed his concerns for the independent businesses impacted by the Victorian lockdown announced today.

In an interview conducted with C&I at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney during the second day of The Distributors Conference, Cardinale reached out to the independent businesses impacted by the lockdown as part of the broader ‘family’ of retailers – not just those within the convenience industry.

“We are in one of the few industries that have thrived through this whole period and so from a New Sunrise perspective we are going to be ok, but I really feel for the other small businesses and family businesses that are going to be heavily impacted by the lockdown.

“They have already been through nine months of this in Victoria and now another seven days – it could tip some people and their businesses over the edge outside of the convenience industry.

“We are part of a greater family and network of independently owned retailers and we feel for the businesses that are not as fortunate as us.”

Written by James Wells

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