New technology to make self-serve theft impossible


A new Australian technology has been developed to bring the end of theft at the self-serve checkout.

The technology works as an automated product recognition system with the ability to identity each product so that customers aren’t able to cheat the system.

Tiliter Technology also removes the need to use barcodes or have additional information about the product on hand to manually enter into the system.

Tiliter Technology co-founder Chris Sampson told a camera is able to identify the product and automatically enters the information in the system

“It’s based on machine learning and artificial intelligence which has been taught to recognise different types of fruit and other products,” Mr Sampson said.

“The big value for supermarkets is removing the significant loss seen from people entering the wrong information when using self-service checkouts.

“However, customers will also benefit by not needing to search through menus trying to identify the items they are purchasing.

“Our tech is different from some of the stuff we have seen struggle in the past because it can tell the difference between a red delicious and royal gala apple for example.”

The concept is currently being trialled within a number of independent stores, and the company has said there is the possibly of expanding to large players within the channel later in the year.





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