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New Uncle Tobys cereal to support immune health

Uncle Tobys has added a new immune support cereal to its Plus breakfast cereal range – Uncle Tobys Plus Immune Support.

The new cereal includes a blend of pepitas, mango, and coconut, and is rich in vitamin C, D, B6 and zinc to support a healthy immune system, as part of a balanced and varied diet. It provides a source of fibre from whole grains to support healthy digestion, and no artificial colours or flavours.

Uncle Tobys ambassador and nutritionist, Kathleen Alleaume says that nutrition plays a key role in supporting immune health.

“Adequate nutrition is required for the cells of the body to function optimally, and this includes the health of our immune cells. You can support optimal immune function by eating a balanced diet that includes wholegrains, iron and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, and other key vitamins and minerals, including B6, zinc and vitamin D,” he says.

The new Uncle Tobys Plus Immune Support is available now at Woolworths and select IGA supermarkets for RRP $8.20

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