New Wizz Fizz Fizza Ballz set to explode taste buds

The latest from Fyna Foods, makers of Wizz Fizz, the Wizz Fizz Fizza Ballz.

Fyna Foods Australia has launched new Wizz Fizz Fizza Ballz to the Australian confectionery market, the ultimate on-the-go treat with a chewy Wizz Fizz sherbet centre.

Fyna Foods national sales and marketing manager Ben Gibbs expects this latest addition to the Wizz Fizz family will be a hit with consumers of all ages.

“Fizza Ballz is an exciting twist on an Australian favourite, featuring the Wizz Fizz original sherbet that we all know and love!” Mr Gibbs said.

Fizza Ballz launched at Coles Express nationally during October and is now available at independent retailers and milk bars (RRP $2.40).

Fyna Foods recent Halloween campaign featured massive digital billboards and an interactive ‘Trick or Treat’ game in shopping centres driving awareness of the brand Wizz Fizz nationally.

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