Nexba ‘Aussie Boys’ taking anti-sugar drinks global

Naturally Sugar Free pioneer Nexba is on a mission to tackle the health crisis sweeping the nation and the world – with a particular focus on eliminating sugar and artificial ingredients from beverage categories causing harmful effects. The Aussie Boys of Nexba are taking on the big boys in their fight against sugar and looking to expand Nexba’s international presence in the UK, Europe and US.

Since its first raise, Nexba’s focus has been on achieving its Australian sales targets and has seen net sales year-to-date March up 140 per cent and its operational profit margin up 170 per cent over the last year. Additionally, Nexba has begun to activate its global strategy and is already in the process of securing distribution with leading retailers in the UK. The negotiations are progressing, and the first drops of Nexba in the UK is expected to be delivered in 2018.

Nexba’s existing raise through alternative assets crowdfunding platform VentureCrowd will ensure the business is well capitalised for the brand’s Australian operations, as well as funding Nexba’s global growth plans including a UK launch in the coming 12 months. Once established in the UK, Nexba will explore the broader European market through strategic distribution partners, and then enter the US market with California as the starting block for the rest of the region.

Nexba co-founder and global CEO Troy Douglas said its vision is to be Australia’s Naturally Brave brand transforming lives by delivering Naturally Sugar Free product innovation.

“Sugar is now in the spotlight as one of the primary causes of diabetes and obesity, and the statistics are alarming. Nexba is a passionate advocate of healthier living and we are tackling sugar head on in Australia and soon the globe, by providing a cleaner alternative to the soft drinks full of sugar and artificial nasties that are currently on supermarket shelves,” said Douglas.

Nexba is in good company with high profile investors such as global retail adviser and David Jones former CEO and managing director Paul Zahra; CEO of property group Porter Davis and ex-CBA executive Adrian Hondros; ex-Chairman and founder of Link Healthcare John Bacon, who is also on the board of VentureCrowd; co-founders of Victoria’s Basement Dan and Sam Kalanderian; and leading Australian tailor and co-founder of Farage, Joe Farage. With crowdfunding platform VentureCrowd, Nexba is in a strong position to grow locally and expand globally – in turn, taking the anti-sugar message and their Naturally Sugar Free innovation to the world.

Steve Maarbani, co-founder of VentureCrowd, said, “It is so great to see this young Aussie beverage company taking on the world and we are proud to be a part of the journey. The Nexba Aussie Boys are wonderkids who are genuinely obsessed with helping consumers make healthier choices. By raising capital online through VentureCrowd, they are not only increasing the speed and efficiency of their capital raise, but they gain valuable exposure to new customers and commercial opportunities helping them to aim for success in local and global markets.”

Traditionally, alternative investment opportunities were limited to an exclusive network of professional and institutional investors. As a multi-asset class crowdfunding platform, VentureCrowd is opening up access to curated venture capital and property development co-investment opportunities to individual investors. Equity-based crowdfunding is growing in popularity and is providing a cost-effective way for businesses to obtain funding to help them scale and succeed.

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