Nippy’s begins phased rollout of Australian first ‘Ecosmart’ paper straws to its packaged drinks

Nippy’s has announced that it will be replacing the plastic straws on its packaged drinks with recyclable paper straws, beginning with a pilot initiative in Australia and New Zealand.

The pilot will see Nippy’s No Added Sugar/Lactose Free 250ml Chocolate and Strawberry variants being made available with paper straws throughout ANZ. This will be followed by a phased rollout to its other ready to drink products, with the ultimate objective of eliminating plastic straws from its packaging.

Nippy’s has been working with a manufacturing partner to design the straws, which are biodegradable, recyclable and suitable for industrial and home composting.

A statement from Nippy’s said: “This initiative will make Nippy’s the first food and beverage company in Australia to introduce paper straws for packaged drinks to replace plastic straws.”

The straws are described as an “innovative and exclusive” solution that make the paper straw strong enough to pierce the closed hole of aseptic cartons.

It has also been designed to remain attached to the pack for recycling along with the rest of the carton.

The new straws are made from paperboard from FSC-certified forests or other controlled sources, supporting Nippy’s efforts to use more renewable materials.

The rollout is in line with the government’s target to reduce plastic waste in Australia by 70 per cent by 2025.

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