Note recycling to enhance efficiency at Coles

NCR Corporation has announced that it is upgrading Coles Supermarkets’ NCR FastLane SelfServ™ Checkout lanes with NCR Note Recycling capability. The Note Recycling solution will assist Coles to lower cash floats and reduce replenishment cycles as it recycles cash notes accepted in self-checkout machines, dispensing them as change in subsequent transactions. In addition, the Note Recycling functionality will allow Coles to reduce cash-in-transit servicing from once per week to as little as once every three weeks.

Coles deployed its first self-checkout lane in 2009 and now runs more than 4,000 of them across 750 Australian stores. Almost half of the more than one billion customer transactions completed at Coles each year are completed through NCR self-checkout lanes.

Andrew Myers, general manager of Store Operations, Coles Supermarkets says, “The new note recycling functionality will only increase our efficiency and enhance the shopper’s experience.”

According to Kristie Longhurst, general manager for Australia, NCR Retail, the collaboration with Coles has “helped NCR identify and unlock the best-suited solutions for improving customer flow in the stores and optimizing lane availability – two major contributors to a good shopping experience. As retailers seek to drive more engaging experiences for consumers, NCR is working with them to differentiate the in-store experience by deploying innovative solutions that inspire loyalty while improving efficiency.”


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