NRMA join call for petrol price drop


The NRMA have joined calls for petrol retailers to drop the price of petrol, as reports last week showed some were charging 60c per litre above the wholesale price.

Amid a sudden and sharp drop in global fuel demand on the back of Coronavirus travel bans and lock down restrictions, the wholesale price for petrol in Sydney has dropped to $1.

However, prices on the NSW Government’s Fuel Watch site showed variations in E-10 from $1.07cpl to $1.49cpl in Sydney.

The NRMA said many regional communities are also forced to pay more for fuel.

NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said the motorists were growing tired of retailers not passing on cheaper prices.

“It’s not clear whether the oil companies thought the NRMA and the community would not notice what is going on at the bowser but what is clear is that the public is in no mood for this rubbish – petrol prices must fall immediately,” Mr Khoury said.

“That Australians are doing it tough right now is an under-statement of global proportions. The one place families should be able to look to for some budget relief is at the bowser because there is lots of fuel on the market and it should be very cheap.”

“The NRMA could not be more blunt about this today – oil companies must drop their prices now.”

The call follows a warning from ACCC chairman Rod Sims last week the consumer watchdog would name and shame businesses who failed to pass on the price cuts.


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