One in three businesses would switch to EVs to improve brand image

A study of SMEs revealed that 39 per cent of businesses would buy an EV to meet customer or employee expectations.

The study, by Small Business Loans Australia, also showed that 30 per cent would switch to an EV to boost their brand credibility and relevance, and 28 per cent would make the switch so that their brand and people are seen as early adopters.

With 62 per cent of customers stating they feel an emotional connection with the brands they buy, it makes sense that businesses would want to align themselves with the beliefs of their customers to create and nurture a connection.

Alon Rajic, Founder and Managing Director of Small Business Loans Australia, said their research shows that most businesses surveyed believe electric vehicles will contribute towards a climate change solution.

“Businesses should consider making the switch to electric vehicles for their company fleets and encourage employees to do the same through novated leasing and other purchase avenues.”

Across the states, 50 per cent of businesses in NSW would make the switch to electric vehicles to meet the expectations of their customers, followed by 46 per cent of South Australian businesses, 41 per cent of West Australian businesses, 35 per cent of Victorian businesses, and 28 per cent of Queensland businesses. 

“While each state has its own needs and goals, it is evident that businesses are ready to make the switch to electric vehicles for several reasons. In an economic climate where businesses are striving to gain new customers and retain current staff, as well as bearing a corporate social responsibility around sustainability, investing in electric vehicles is an effective way to achieve those goals,” said Rajic.

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