Original Juice Co Revolutionises Juice Category

Known for unique capability and focus on innovation, the Food Revolution Group has wasted no time in utilising the ‘Original’ brand since it became active in the market in February. Their focus on ‘first to market’ subcategories and those that have not seen innovation for long periods has seen the portfolio develop a distinct differentiation in the market, and is breathing life back into the chilled beverages space.

At the forefront of Original Juice Co’s innovation is a 50% less sugar orange option, which is looking to change consumer perceptions around existing high sugar orange juice. And to bring consumers back into the category with a better for you option.

Other first to market innovations within the Original Juice Co portfolio is the Australian Natives inspired ‘Bush Tucker’ range. The Davidson Plum and Ribery and Cinnamon Myrtle and Desert Lime flavours have proven to be extremely popular since their launch and further NPDs are in the pipeline for the popular niche market.

As well as new ranges including Original Pressed, Low Calorie Quenchers and fruit and vegetable ranges. All are now readily available.

Email info@originaljuiceco.com.au for further information.

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