Parcel collection points create additional revenue for retailers

A boom in online shopping is providing a positive knock-on effect to an array of small bricks-and-mortar businesses, including within the petrol and convenience channel (P&C).

According to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), the pandemic accelerated retail trends by a decade, with online shopping booming. These conditions are highly favourable for traders and parcel collection agents alike. 

New independent research commissioned by parcel collection network Hubbed, has shown that 59 per cent of online shoppers have made additional purchases when picking up their parcels from collection points.

The findings revealed that when 61 per cent of online shoppers picked up their parcels from their local collection location – such as consumer retail outlets, petrol stations, newsagents, and storage facilities – it was the first time they had visited that outlet.

David McLean, CEO and Founder of Hubbed, says that parcel collection networks are providing shoppers with a means to connect with, and support, local businesses in their community.

“As the country moves into a phase of recovery, e-commerce retailers and consumers alike can support the local, smaller players in the community to help drive their business, by choosing to use collection point networks as alternative delivery options.

“Parcel collection networks can have a positive knock-on effect on the small businesses that comprise the Hubbed collection point network, which includes independent retail outlets.”

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