Patak’s introduces single-serve curry paste

Patak’s has announced the launch of it’s newest range- the portion-sized Paste Pots.

Inspired by 60-year-old family recipes, all Paste Pots include at least 11 spices which are ground, blended and preserved in oil to retain their flavour profile.

Korma, Tikka Masala and Madras Paste Pots promise to spice up the menu and help Australia’s growing number of small households get inspired in the kitchen.

Patak’s Paste Pots pair the endless possibilities of Indian cuisine with convenience and practicality. A single pot can create a meal for two without any fuss or wastage, so preparing a feast with Indian flavours is easier than ever.

Each Paste Pot will retail for a RRP $4 and are available at Woolworths and IGA stores Australia-wide.

1 thought on “Patak’s introduces single-serve curry paste”

  1. robert richardson

    Good afternoon,
    I am trying to purchase Korma Paste Pots ( Mild) and have been unsuccessful so far, I live in Moruya 2537.
    They are sold at Woolworths & I.G.A in town, but have not had any for approx 12 to 18mths.
    Where can i purchase these from.

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