Patties gives us a ‘Reason to Party’

Patties has released ‘Reason to Party’ – its first major, national integrated advertising campaign since the late 1980s.

The creative concept developed by BWM isobar applies the feeling of a party to a diverse range of occasions in a modern and witty take on the much-loved, heritage brand.

Known for its memorable P-P-Patties commercial with Bob Hawke in the 1980s, Patties’ new campaign will be integrated across OOH, television, social media, and radio with comedian David Lawson voicing the audio campaign.

The campaign embraces everyday moments as a time to indulge in an iconic Patties party pie and follows several circumstances including a boy home alone from school, and a boyfriend whose vegan girlfriend is away for the weekend. Each scenario depicts how these potentially mundane moments can become a ‘Reason to Party’ with Patties.

Anand Surujpal, General Manager of Marketing and Innovation, Patties Foods Group, says, that as a brand, Patties is known for its party pies, which are often associated with just that, a party.

At the heart of the ‘Reason to Party’ campaign was bringing to life the instant feeling of a party that Patties can inject into any occasion.

“We know Patties is the national go-to brand for a party, loved by Australians for decades. This campaign takes a witty approach to celebrate the broader range of everyday moments that Patties is also an important part of. This creative execution will resonate with a diverse demographic to revitalise a much-loved category while also building brand engagement for Patties.”

In conjunction with the advertising campaign, Patties will launch a brand-new product innovation, using world-first technology to reimagine the iconic sausage roll.

“As category leaders, we are constantly raising the bar, and this new product is no exception. We’re excited for what it will achieve not only for Patties, but the category as a whole, driving excitement around genuine innovation,” says Surujpal.

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