P&C retailers use technology to attract new business

A new offering from Australian firm JEA Technologies – the Smart Antenna by iSIGN Media – gives convenience stores, fuel outlets and retailers of all kinds the ability to reach out to new and existing customers, while also collecting data and measuring the effectiveness of promotions.

Technology such as the Smart Antenna provides location based mobile advertising with real-time consumer metrics. It is not a battery powered beacon and customers do not need to down load apps in order to take advantage of promotions.

It is permissions-based and individuals with hand held Bluetooth enabled devices within relative proximity (95mtrs/300ft) of a particular store can receive media rich messages.

Smart Antenna from JEA Technologies allows retailers to send messages directly to consumers' phones
Smart Antenna from JEA Technologies allows retailers to send messages directly to consumers’ phones

Craig Kinder, director of JEA Technologies, told C&I WEEK that the Smart Antenna “gives convenience stores an effective way to communicate offers and discounts directly to the customer via efficient targeted messaging”. Mr Kinder said that “petrol retailers are using Smart Antenna to reach passer-bys or ‘pay at the pump’ customers and encourage them to ‘walk-in’ by sending a mobile offer to shop inside”.

According to Mr Kinder, the Smart Antenna increases the range of static signs and engages customers with interactive content on their phone. As the system employs smart data exchange and offers seamless integration it makes digital signage immediately and accurately measurable.

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