PepsiCo gives employees greater work-life balance

PepsiCo ANZ has observed the changing nature of today’s workforce and introduced a new flextime policy, removing official start and finish times, and allowing employees to choose their own work hours.

With the onset of COVID-19, workforces around the world have had to evolve at a rapid pace and adapt to a new normal including working from home or staggering work hours between employees. This has shown employers just how resilient the workforce can be and how capable employees are of balancing their personal responsibilities with work.

PepsiCo has always prided itself on innovation and sought to implement policies around the needs of its people.

PepsiCo ANZ CEO Danny Celoni said this new policy allows people to build their work life around their personal needs and encourages everyone to embrace all the flexible working options that are available to them.

“We completely recognise that a one size fits all work model does not suit everyone in our diverse organisation,” says Celoni.

“Our commitment to fostering a culture of flexible working for all ensures we have the best people doing their best work every day.”

PepsiCo ANZ’s leadership team believes that offering flexibility in the workplace is critical to attract and retain good talent. The flextime policy is just the latest in a string of well-established diversity and inclusion initiatives designed to help people find a work-life balance that suits them. 

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